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The world’s best value, instructional and easy to use coastal navigation training system!

All Hands on Deck Maritime Training have been conducting maritime training since 1997. Since this time we have trained thousands of candidates for a variety of Licences and Qualifications. The majority of those candidates started right here. By making an inquiry so that we can send information specific to the course you wish to undertake. This ensures that you have all the information available before making the decision to proceed to the course purchase stage. Our Trainers are highly experienced mariners and are available 7 days a week via email for any questions you may have.

The process to purchase the Coastal Navigation program is very easy as this is an online course. This means that enrolment can be completed in a matter of minutes and confirmation of enrolment and study material is available in a download format so that you can start immediately.

The Coastal Navigation..it's Easy program is an 'Award Winning' program that is easy to follow and covers all the essential requirements to competently learn how to navigate a vessel (recreational or commercial) in near coastal waters. It is based on coastal navigation courses that have been successfully delivered for many, many years.

By purchasing in the Coastal Navigation program you will:

  • Learn Coastal Navigation Terminology
  • Learn to interpret nautical chart features
  • Understand chart reliability
  • Identify charts symbols, dangers, soundings, lights etc
  • Use nautical charts for plotting courses, dead reckoning (DR), estimated (EP) and confirmed (fixes) positions
  • Learn how to plot Transits, measure distances and find directions
  • Learn how to calculate and apply Set and Drift
  • Understand the IALA Buoyage system
  • Understand and use Speed, Time and Distance calculations
  • Understand and apply Variation and Deviation to courses and bearings
  • Be introduced to Radar and GPS for use in navigation
  • Conduct a simulated passage
  • Understand and apply weather, tidal and current information
  • Complete practical exercises and much more

Coastal Navigation programs currently on offer include the following:

  • Coastal Navigation AUS Version - Covering the Whitsunday Islands
  • Coastal Navigation USA Version - Covering Long Island Sound
  • Coastal Navigation UK Version - covering the Bristol Channel

To purchase the coastal navigation program please use these links:

Australian Version   |  United States Version  |  United Kingdom Version

To continue with a course inquiry please complete the form below:

Coastal Navigation UK - Enquiry Form

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